312 Statistics Handouts

Harlow Chapter 01
Harlow Chapter 02
Rencher Chapter 01
Rencher Chapter 02
Rencher Chapter 08
Rencher Chapter 11
ALR Chapter 01
ALR Chapter 02
ALR Chapter 03
Covariance Algebra
Matrix Algebra
Regression Algebra
Wonnacott Ch 14
GH Chapter 3: Linear Regression, the Basics [[Data for Chapter 3]]
GH Chapter 4: Linear Regression: Before and After Fitting the Model [[Data for Chapter 4]]
AF Chapter 5: Multiple Regression [[AF Data]]
Wickens Chapters
Algebra of Factor Analysis
Steiger (1994)
Fox (2006)
AF Chapter 15: Factor Analysis
Exploratory Factor Analysis with R [[AthleticsData.sav]]
Advanced Exploratory Factor Analysis in R [[MLFATestCode.txt]]
Husson Chapter 01
BiFactor Rotation
Jennrich-Bentler (2011)
Path Diagrams
Confirmatory Factor Analysis with R [[Athletics Data]][[Code]]
Advanced Confirmatory Factor Analysis with R [[Athletics Data]][[Code]]
Joreskog (1978)
Statistical Models in Structural Equation Modeling {SEMcode]]
Measures of Fit in Structural Equation Modeling
Fabrigar, Wegener, MacCallum, and Strahan (1999)
Long & Perkins (2003)
Translating a Path Diagram into LISREL Matrices
Rencher Chapter 8 -- Discriminant Analysis [[Football Data]]
ESL Chapters 1-2 -- Statistical Learning
Van Den Wollenberg (1977) -- Redundancy Analysis
AA Chapter 5 -- Logistic Regression [[Aids Data 5.5]] [[Infant Data 3.7]]
Robertts and Lattin (1991)
Stata MV Documentation
Power Analysis Notes
Faul (2007)
GPower Tutorial
Hsieh (1989)
MacCallum, Browne, Sugawara (1996)