Psychology 319 (GCM)

Psychology 319(GCM) is an introductory course in Analysis of Longitudinal Data for graduate students in Psychological Sciences and Education. This course is an introductory module in a multi-course sequence in longitudinal methods to be given in the Department of Psychology & Human Development. The techniques that are our focus in this module are Growth Curve Modeling (GCM) and Survival Analysis. The course assumes only an entry level background in graduate statistics (such as completion of Psychology 310). However, experience in hierarchical linear modeling, regression analysis, the HLM computer program, or the R software package are all plusses.

The course textbook is the very popular and erudite Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis (ALDA) by Judith Singer and John Willett of Harvard University. Prospective students trying to assess the "feel" and "level" of the course should take a look at the ALDA website. You can also access a series of video presentations by Singer and Willett.

The course will closely follow the organization of the Singer-Willett text. The table of contents can be viewed online at Amazon here. The emphasis throughout will be on "hands-on" investigations of the way the analytic techniques work by applying the software to data sets.